Do you know who I think I am?

That’s me! Photo taken by Jenny Scott

I am an Actor. Trained at the Poor School, worked, or tried to for a few years and then left the business to look after children, for nearly ten years.

I returned to the profession in April 2015, with a fantastic 26 week long National Tour of Absent Friends, playing the rather obnoxious Paul, for Michael Cabot’s London Classic Theatre Company. There were innumerable cool venues, The Richmond Theatre, Blackpool Grand, Cheltenham Everyman, the phenomenal new theatre in Aylesbury, Derby, Perth, Ipswich, and many, many, more. 38 in total. It rekindled a love affair between myself and LCT, making it my fifth production for them, my Sixth with Director Michael, who I met at the Arcola, doing Marat/Sade.

I launched straight into Panto after as Abanazor in Aladdin, for which I received lovely reviews, and at the turn of the year started looking at getting some current screen time for a Showreel. Which isn’t going too bad, a days TV, and a short film so far under the belt.

At the sides of all this I also write, and am attempting to edit a Pilot sitcom called “Dead Man’s Cardy,” that I shot. And am playing around with a science-fiction book, at least I think it’s science fiction. I completed a MA in screenwriting at London College of Communication, from which I learnt that screenwriting is much harder than it looks. Much.


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